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From Prophet Jolynne Whittaker

🔥A WORD FOR MANY PEOPLE HERE: You’re worrying, you’re tossing and turning, you’re discussing, and you’re doing your best at strategizing — in other words, you’re leaning on your own understanding. With the best of intentions, you’re trying to rightly steer your ship, but why are you not seeking counsel from the Lord and allowing HIM to steer you? Why are you not praying?

Prayer is powerful in a way that I cannot properly articulate—you simply have to see it for yourself. When you are in right standing with God, you can expect immediate detailed answers! Don’t worry, pray. Don’t struggle, pray. Don’t just give it your best shot, pray. You may not receive exactly what you request or expect, BUT YOU WILL RECEIVE WHAT IS BEST!

Prayer will change you.
Prayer changes your mind and your view.
Your perspective will change.
You’ll see things in new ways.
You’ll see new things.
Your physiology will change.
The atmosphere will change.
Your circumstances will change.
Your situation will shift.
Seek His heart and you’ll see His hand.

⚓️📖 James 5:16 📖⚓️

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