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Finding Love Again :)

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THE TRUTH IS, both of us had our hearts broken to pieces but we never gave up on love, we never gave up on God. We both got to a place where we realized if that wild, crazy, rib-mate love was going to happen, it would only happen by the hand of God, so we gave our hearts fully to Jesus and patiently trusted in the Lord.

TRUTH IS, we’d both made decisions that failed. We’d both made choices that betrayed our worth. And although both Jon and I loved the Lord Jesus Christ with all our hearts, we’d both definitely fallen short of the glory of God… which helped us understand how much we needed Him. No small thing for the strong natural leaders we both are — and I say that factually, not out of any sort of pride. Because TRUTH IS, being a strong, alpha, leader type can be lonely at times… and yes, both Jon and I knew that all too well.

THEN, IN SPRING OF 2012 … Jon silently talked to the Lord as he walked the busy streets of Manhattan. Jon told God he trusted Him to orchestrate finding his God-ordained wife. Hundreds of miles away in a broken down cottage on the secluded shores of a raging lake, I wrote my vision and made it plain—I was a woman living modestly and holy, seeking and serving the Lord, prayerfully requesting the Lord send me my ordained husband. I was ready for bae. Ready for my rib-mate. And while too many nights ended with tears soaking my pillow as I slept single in a double bed… when the time was right, IT HAPPENED! One day, we simply found one another! It was wild and supernatural, clearly the handiwork of God! May I give you a word?

PREPARE FOR WHAT YOU PRAY FOR, and then trust. Don’t just sit still while you wait, seek, serve, and grow while you wait! God can’t release something to you if you’re not prepared for it! He also can’t give a blessing that will demand a higher level of performance to someone who’s content to be complacent! I need to encourage you, because in #2019 I believe we’re going to see a record-number of Kingdom Couples formed! God will ordain the unions and bless the marriages! If this word is for you, respond: BE IT UNTO ME, IN JESUS’ NAME!

Whatcha think?

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