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Praise Report! Supernatural HEALING is for TODAY!

Praise, Honor, and Glory to The MOST High God! The GOD of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, our Heavenly Father…has done it again! The CURE for CANCER and EVERYTHING ELSE IS COMPLETELY FREE! It’s simply The Power of The Holy Spirit and The NAME OF JESUS CHRIST!

The LORD has blessed me tremendously through this beautiful praise report that I am sharing with you as an obedient vessel who God blessed with THE TRUTH!

Scrolling through a Facebook intercessory prayer group one day in November I ran across a prayer request from a Sister in Jesus who at that time had a lump on her neck. God wanted to reach her and move, so He blessed me to reach out to this woman and share a couple of things. 1. Curry Blake’s Divine Healing Techniques on YouTube 2. Keys to The Kingdom Deliverance Ministry prayer against Cancer.

The results were Fabulous.

How GREAT is our GOD!?!?

God had me originally reach out to Sister Nikki on November 28th.

Thursday, December 13, 2018 God had Nikki reach out to me!

Hi Sister!
I forgot to update you! That lump on my thyroid is completely gone. Actually it was gone last week. Thank you for your prayers

Praise GOD! He IS Awesome!

THE LORD WANTS to give perfect health to all of us. Jesus took EVERYTHING for us. God wants us to live the blessed abundant life and not be cursed! So many churches don’t teach on deliverance ministry and generational curses. This is displeasing to God. His People are truly perishing for lack of knowledge. What God blessed me to do was start a spark. Sparks create bigger FIRES! REVIVAL IS NOW.

Please check out Keys’ Generational Curse Breaker HERE for yourself. It’s a game changer!

Love you all! Be blessed abundantly tonight and always in JESUS NAME!

God is NO RESPECTER of persons! He wants to BLESS YOU, Dearest Readers! Whatever your troubles may be…

I LOVE THIS… Please remember it and be sure and cry out IN JESUS NAME! 🙂

Psalm 34:19 King James Version (KJV)

19 Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivereth him out of them all.


No matter where you are or what kind of situation you may be in, JESUS IS ENOUGH.


2 thoughts on “Praise Report! Supernatural HEALING is for TODAY!”

  1. Thank you Jesus for my mother Mary and the love we have for you dear God. I pray desperately for your divine and supernatural healing within my mother Mary’s body! Free her from all evil. Kill every cancer cell in her body and replace it with healthy and functioning cells right now dear God! Send your Holy Spirit to fight this battle for her! Your word says there is nothing too big for you to accomplish oh Lord! You are the only one that can heal my mom! You are the Great I Am, the Great Physician, our everything. By the powers you have given us as healers here on earth, I COMMAND EVERY CANCER CELL in my beloved moms body to shrivel up and die! Right NOW. This miracle of healing from cancer will be known to her this instant! And to the doctors at her next appointment! We will be testimonies to your greatness oh lord! Wash my mother with the blood of Christ to cleanse her from all evil. Breathe LIFE into her lungs and her entire being! Mind, body and soul! Uplift her and make your presence known! We love you oh God and have complete faith in you! And so it is,,, my mother is HEALED from cancer! She will no longer need to go through harsh treatments. We praise you and your name Lord Jesus Christ! We pray in Jesus name, Amen and Amen!

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