Personal Journey, prayer

Daily Intercession for Healing and New Beginnings in JESUS NAME :)

Praise God for His Love for us and for fresh starts! Please pray for a man named Mason who was wearing neon working-man attire but walking with a cane to receive Divine Healing from God and to get back to work and change the world for Jesus in the greatest of ways!

Also, please pray for a woman named Pat and her son who was disabled from the first day of his last job. His name is James. God wants more for them! They have been without proper heating and cooling for around three years now and she longs to see her son do greater things and overcome all of this! Pat has two other sons as well to pray for-Adam and Teddy. May God have His Perfect Way in their lives!

Prayers for Connie as well please and her 8 month old baby boy. Please pray for Pastor Billy to be healed of Cancer and change the lives of his whole church! God is moving in their lives greatly right now!

Healing prayers going up today for a lovely Sister in The LORD named Derenda (working 2 part time jobs) who has been dealing with Lupus and a broken arm, but GOD has delivered her from Cancer already Amen! Praise His Holy Name!
Prayers for her son Ben as well to be healed too. God knows the needs and situations.

Pray for Lynda and her loved ones to have good health and encounter God in a greater way-to truly find His Provision and true plans for their lives.

Deliverance and healing prayers for Denise and her family.

May all of these precious souls move forward greatly in The LORD, step into Divine healing, their TRUE CALLINGS IN THE LORD, and LEND and NOT BORROW anymore for HIS GLORY and the furtherance of GOD’s Kingdom! Amen!

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