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Praying with Farhad ♥

Please join me in the prayer of agreement for our dear Brother Farhad of Pakistan and the persecuted church. Thank you.

Heavenly Father God Almighty, the Most High God, the creator of Heaven and earth. I humbly come before your throne of Justice, Grace and mercy in mighty Name of Jesus Christ – Yeshua – YaHVaHshua to request for those who are faithfully walking in your Holy promises to do your Will on earth as it is in Heaven. They are being blackmailed in this world for basic needs of life and basic rights. You are God of Justice and Majesty. Nothing is impossible for you, Merciful God of Host, You have given all of us this privileged to be called as your sons and daughters who believe in Jesus Christ and walk by faith in dangerous world among different kinds of mentalities, blackmailers, criminals, discriminatory minded to spread the message of Cross, the Message of salvation and the message of Peace of Lord Jesus Christ. You are only Hope in heaven to provide all of us who are living among unfaithful – Gentiles who did not know about supernatural power and provision and protection. Even they are unknown to your Holy Words. Help us to reach out lost, persecuted, crushed in spirit and who are hungry and thirsty for righteousness. Merciful God provide all needs of innocents children, basic rights , basic needs of life for deserving, orphanages, widows and persecuted,even who are seeking Asylum in other countries. We adore and give you all glory always. Save all of us with your divine provision and protection. save us from evil doers and evil temptations. save us from the power of darkness, negativity that attack from back to stop Your Holiest words to be spread among needy and deserving. Remove all forces of darkness and negativity that is hindrance as mountain to block the provision and the blessing of innocents, Gospel. we ask healing for sick and change their plans to be righteous and good for humanity. We glorify you, We ask in mighty name of Jesus Christ – Yeshua – YaHVahshua. In Jesus Holy Name Amen.


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