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Reflections on HIS POWER Tonight.

I was brought to tears this morning when my mother reminded me of how when I was a little girl I would ask if I could someday run to the top of the yard like the rest of the kids in our family. I had terrible Asthma as a child. She would encourage and reassure me kindly that someday I would. My family relocated to another small town in Kentucky the summer before I began fifth grade. I was ten years old. I never ran the length of that yard but thanks be unto God for His unspeakable Gift! Because of what Jesus has done for me I am able to run way farther than that!

2018 has been my year of Breakthrough and He ain’t done yet so stay tuned! Beautiful things to come! I’ve never been more alive and free!

In the past year I’ve lost and kept off over 60 pounds. I was truly in bondage. Satan thought he finally had me in his web of lies and hurt, BUT GOD!!!

What was meant to drag me to Hell and destroy my life was instead used by The Lord to set me free and launch me to a whole new level and Calling in Him with great purpose and destiny!

Just a word of exhortation today for the weary.

God does hide His Face in certain seasons, but make no mistake about it, the devil can only go SO FAR. It’s like our Brother Marcus Rogers puts it so well in his book, Satan’s just a dog on a chain! So get FIRED up in The Holy Spirit y’all! There’s so much more than what you can see with your eyes of flesh! If you just hold on and BELIEVE Him….God will show up in ways you never imagined with a Powerhouse punch of a plan for your life!
Take it from me as a witness of most miraculous redemption! God truly has a good plan for your life! Be encouraged today and rise up like in this song I love so much!

Whatcha think?

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