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Praying with Brother Farhad.

Our dear Brother in The Lord messaged me with this heartfelt prayer last night and I would love it if you would please pray in agreement today with us. Thanks everyone.

Praise The LORD!

“In Jesus Christ, dear Heavenly Father God Almighty, the Creator of Heaven and earth, nothing is hidden from your holiest eyes. Your faithful people just keep faith and walk in your promises. By believing in your holy promises. We walk in spirit of your son Jesus Christ who always taught us. If human will be faithful till death. Then we have eternal hope for the crown of life in Your son Jesus Christ. Father God give us power to tolerate the suffering, persecution, uncertain hidden dangers in the sea of ignorant world. Your people are being persecuted by your name in this materialistic world. We have no hope in this worldly minded people. But we hope in you. Our trust is in you. My strength is in You Lord. You know better,it is too much difficult to walk by faith in this dead conscious world, darkest world of double standard and double minded. You can provide us for my people who are suffering for basic needs of life, your people are being destroyed due to lack of knowledge, lack of guidance, they are sheep without shepherds, shepherds became wolves. ,you can save us from evil temptation, uncertainty, unfaithfulness, because you are the Way, life and truth . I believe that you are going to provide for us to be witness among other nations. There is nothing impossible for those who believes in your Holy promises. I ask with faith in Christ. You have heard my prayer. I ask in Jesus Christ. Amen”


Whatcha think?

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