Personal Journey

The Seasons Of Life

I hear a boisterous wind outside my bedroom window tonight… The cold is setting in.

I love the Autumn leaves this time of year.

Winter’s just around the corner. Cold weather makes me think of Chapstick, Hot CoaCoa, and Mucinex lol.

Praise God Who is Faithfully keeping me physically well during this season of inner healing.

God is Good 24/7, every day of the year!

No matter what’s going on in our hearts or in the world around us, He’s still Sovereign and in control.

He’s got you tonight. He’s keeping you.

Just like the seasons of the weather change, so do those of our lives. Shout on the mountain top with those that are there. It’s okay if you’re in the valley.

Some seasons can be pretty intense where we have to learn to fully depend on our Father.

It may sting a little, but you will come out ahead, better off than before.

God wants to know us. It’s about relationship.

Pray without ceasing. Amen.

Whatcha think?

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