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Urgent Prayers Today for Brother Farhad of Pakistan 🙏

Brother Farhad of Pakistan has reached out to me today and shared his heart in the following prayer.

Please intercede on his behalf today and pray regularly for the persecuted church.

Thanks and God bless in The Name Of Yeshua.


In Jesus Christ, Dear Heavenly Father God Almighty, You are always so merciful and wonderful to all of us human. You always forgive human, may human repent and have eternal life in Jesus Christ. I thank you Lord Jesus Christ that you shed your Holy Blood on the Cross for me, I thank you that you gave me vision and mission to spread Gospel among helpless Pakistani persecuted Christian as missionary of Your Holy Words.

Merciful Father God Almighty in Heaven, I willingly accepted this mission for encouraging, taking care of Pakistani persecuted Asylum seekers & refugees as committed missionary. Even I was not Asylum seekers but now I am Asylum seeker for your Ministry and your people. Even I knew suffering and pain of Asylum seekers through studies among Pakistani persecuted Christian Asylum seekers in Asian countries. I love to work for your ministry for righteous.

Merciful Father God Almighty in Heaven, You always provide me ticket and visa to be legal and blessed. But now I have become illegal due to over stayin Malaysia, I always happily serve Your persecuted church in this world willingly in all condition to have something or nothing, merciful Father God , now I have no basic needs of life, job, secure status as Asylum seekers from UNHCR. I need your protection and security to live blessed life. You are living Lord of Host, Lord of Lords, and King of Kings.

Merciful Father God Almighty in Heaven, I was attached with Local church; Church gave me place to live. But demonic powers had displaced me from church place. Even I could not understand plan of devil that destroy your ministry in my life. Please forgive me God of Host. Give me power and strength, new spirit and blessed wife according to the Holy Bible. Now I am living among Muslim friends because someone displaced from Church place for purpose of job, then He kicked me out after one week without paying. Now I am crying day and night for help, protection and provision. Because I have no legal status to move here and there to find job, Even I have no basic needs of life. I need your mercy to get work visa to work among your beloved persecuted church legally. I need 10,000 thousand Malaysia currency to get legal status for your ministry work and have job.

Father God Almighty in Heaven, you only can bless me, because darkness is majorly great. They has displaced me from church place and kept me under other guidance that is not according to Your Holy Words. But I am so helpless but not hopeless, I believe that you are miracle doing God. You always protect and saved me from all troubles and problems. You had been Faithful and divine provision for me always, You always kept me in your promises to walk by faith.

Merciful Father God Almighty in Heaven, please forgive me, I don’t know , how I came in the darknest plan of worldly people. Even now I have nothing to pay for room rent, I have nothing basic needs of life to survive. I ask with faith in Christ, because you are living God to protect and provide. Help me Lord of Host, I need your mercy and grace, I also have family to support alongwith your ministry, merciful Lord of Host, Give me legal status by getting work permit visa to support your Ministry work and my family to be blessed in your Holy Promises. I still want to work for persecuted church – Akklisa. you are my hope, strong shelter and fortress. Remove all devil’ plans who is doing double minded and double standard work. You just give me Your Holy Spirit guidance to be blessed.

Because I had been trapped again and again by other plans, Because I am walking by faith in Christ not by sight in any projects and plans.

I ask your mercy God of Host, I ask your mercy for my visa status, I ask your grace for living blessed life by preaching and teaching and encouraging persecuted Church, Please forgive me, i was young when i started to serve Your Holy Word ministry but now i am old. If I had done any mistakes during my mission in other countries. I am suffering so much, answer my prayer oh Lord of Host, help me, look to my grieves and burden for persecuted church and innocent and families. Now I have nothing to pay rent for room and I have no basic needs of life to eat and transportation. Help me Lord God Almighty in Jesus Holy Name. This is your ministry , it is not my ministry, You gave me and knowledge to encourage persecuted church, I give all my burden, pain and shame to you Lord of Host, I put on Jesus Christ only. I ask with confidence and faith in Christ for provision for daily basic needs, visa in mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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