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HALLOWEEN what it really MEANS

HALLOWEEN what it really MEANS, by Sister Bella Orsi –

I’m trying to INFORM you of the TRUTH. The truth about Halloween is that it is a Celtic festival of SamHain, Lord of Death and evil spirits. Long before Christ…..The Druids in Britian. Ireland, Scotland and other Celtic countries observed the end of summer by making sacrifices to SamHain. Druid priest would lead people in diabolical worship ceremonies in which horses cats black sheep oxen and human beings would be rounded up and stuffed into a big wicker cage and burned to death. This was done to appease SamHain and keep spirits from harming them, for it was believed at this time that all of the wandering spirits would get hungrey. If you set out a treat for them they would not trick or curse you. (Thats where Trick or treat came from). Hence we have the origin of trick or treat. A former high priest of Wicca once told me that on Halloween the trick or treat is a reenactment of the druid practices. The candy has replaced the human sacrifices of the old, but it is still an appeasement to those deceptive and hungrey evil spirits.TREAT = Giving Halloween candy is symbolic of a sacrifice to false gods. You are participating in idolatry. That is fact. Plus that is a sin in the bible. Learn from this and research it yourself if you dont believe me. You will see the truth. Thats why churches celebrate the harvest festival instead.So Here You Go I Am EXPOSING THE DARKNESS WITH TRUTH IT’S UP TO YOU NOW IF YOU LET OTHERS KNOW AND DON’T PARTICIPATE IN SUCH RITUALS. SEE HOW TRICKY SATAN IS?


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