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“Licoln’s Train” with Mr. Jeffrey A. Hale ♥

🎶Passing through these ruins
Mr. Lincoln’s train going by, spilling smoke into these bloody fields
All the people stood and cried. Our tears are the same colour; we can all hold hands and mourn
But me, I’m still asking myself why I’m not any freer than I was before🎶.

Tonight I put on the Rez Band’s Album Civil Rights. “Lincolns Train” reminded me of the many fields trips in school to visit his grave. It was and still is supposed to be good luck to rub his nose when you visit. 200,000 people a year visit Lincoln’s Tomb in Springfield’s Oak Ridge Cemetery. Judging from the appearance of Abe’s big bronze head, lots of those visitors make it a point to stop and give a rub to Lincoln’s nose. Why? Some folks believe that rubbing the nose of any statue brings good luck🙄. So the nose of a person as successful as the President must be especially powerful. And how many Presidential noses are within reach of a furtive touch, let alone a vigorous buffing? Not many. Perhaps that’s the reason that the tomb designers of man-of-the-people Lincoln put his sizable honker within reach of all. I grew up in Danville Illinois, there is so much history of him in Danville. Including giant Wall Art downtown, which honestly is something to check out. Following his death, Lincoln was portrayed as the liberator of the slaves, the savior of the Union, and a martyr for the cause of freedom. Political historians have long held Lincoln in high regard for his accomplishments and personal characteristics. Alongside George Washington and Franklin D. Roosevelt, he has been consistently ranked both by scholars and the public as one of the top three greatest presidents, often as number one. With no disrespect, Abraham Lincoln was generally considered to have been a homely man. Yet when you looked at his character, Abraham Lincoln shows us that in the end, it doesn’t matter what you look like, but who you are. It’s written that man looks at the outside, but YeHoVaH/God looks at the inside. That goes for you too. It doesn’t matter what you look like…big, little, old, young, handsome, homely, beautiful or plain. It doesn’t matter because He doesn’t see you that way. So why do we spend so much of our time trying to look good when He doesn’t even look at it. Don’t seek so much to look beautiful, seek rather to be beautiful. Start concentrating on actually being right instead of trying to appear right, or working at actually being good instead of looking good. All earthly beauty fades away, but the inner beauty of He never does. So instead of wasting your life dwelling on how others see you or how you look, spend the remainder of your precious days on earth learning not to look beautiful but to be beautiful in the eyes of YeHoVaH/God. Facebook friends, make it your focus not to look or appear beautiful, but to be beautiful in the eyes of Your Father YeHoVaH. Amen?

Whatcha think?

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