Personal Journey

Daily Intercession ❤️

Good afternoon, everyone! I pray you are all having a wonderful day today.

Glory to God! Let’s all come together in prayer for the following needs and requests today.

Prayer is Powerful! Please share any of your own personal requests in the comments below the post or write privately using the form HERE.

Urgent prayers for Sister Cindy Goble:

“I’m a mess . We moved to pastor a church in a different state 4 months ago and we were excited. But the people constantly complaining and talking very bad about us and our efforts have taken a very bad toll on me emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I have found myself withdrawing from everything and everyone. I have prayed and prayed but God is absent to me right now. I want to go home from where I came but my husband wants to try and make it work here. If we stay here I think it will continue to ruin me and my kids. If we move it will destroy my husband. I’m at a complete loss!!!!!!!”

Also, please remember Tim and The Maltry Family in prayer today for healing, deliverance, and The Hand of God in their lives.

Please keep Sister Michelle and her son Christian in prayer.

Spiritual Warfare Thursday!
Hallelujah! Praise The LORD, ALL THE EARTH!

In The Name of Yeshua we break and cancel all enemy assignments at abortion clinics or facilities around the whole world set to sway the people to commit murder.
In The Name of Yeshua we loose legions of angels to storm through these dark places of hopelessness and bind up the despair, sorrow, and depression on site.
GOD HAVE MERCY on the weary, the lost, and the broken!

Please pray for Brother Cecil’s doctors appointment on October 1 to be a victory and success with good news. Thank you.

From Sister Gwen Davis-Lewin:  “My classmate’s brother his name is Charles, he has a tumor on his brain and it’s growing. He will be having surgery on October 2. Please pray for complete healing.”

From Sister Milan Case “Mom of three overwhelmed and feel so much alone and tired. Pls pray for strength and peace!”

From Sister Patty: “Please pray for me. I don’t feel like continuing on most days. I have been staying in bed all day every day. First my mother became ill, then my husband lost his job, then I lost my job, my son was arrested , I lost my insurance and can’t pay for my depression medication and now my daughter says she doesn’t want a relationship with me or her brother. I’m hurting so bad and don’t even know where to start to make things better.”

Please pray for Brother Larry Oakley.

From Alicia Phillips: “Going to try to get back on the
Transplant list asked for a kidney please pray thank you

Prayer request From Sister Michelle Grabill:
“Hey everyone. Im hoping for prayers! Without giving details, my husband is having issues with his health and his spiritual life needs healing 🙏🏼 i know there is power in prayer so i hope you all will help me! Thank you so much.”


From Sister Mindy:

“Please help me pray that my son (10 next month) has a change of heart and is convicted when disrespectful at school or after school. I have already had 2 calls from the principal, only 3 weeks into this school year. Hes grounded from everything and still isn’t listening or following rules, talking back to them, just doesnt like authority or not getting his way. This has been on going now for a few years, I was hoping it would get better. Im single mom, with a very demanding job, if he gets kicked out I have no one to watch him for me. I will lose my job, apartment, car. He starts taekwondo next week, Im praying this is our answer🙏 His dad didnt like authority either, hes is in prison for 7 more years and not in the picture, this is has to do with my sons behavior, but it isnt an excuse to b disrespectful. Ive begged, pleaded, and cried to God for help, and He is in it, I dont know what to pray anymore or what punishment to do next, I need help, please, Thank you.”


From Sister Joy:

“Prayers need for my daughter.
Six year ago she had heart valve replaced.
Today when she came home from workshop she said her month hurt and had a broken tooth. She doesn’t do dentist well. So, prayers she doesn’t get any infection in her blood. We have antibiotic for when someone can do something with her tomorrow. Everyone was closed or couldn’t do it today.”




Thanks for praying today. May God bless you one hundredfold for your hard work in The Name of Yeshua.  ♥

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