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Urgent Prayers Please. Praying For Our Persecuted Brethren Around The World Today.

Please pray in agreement with me today for our Beloved Brother in Christ, Bishop Dr. Farhad S. Bhatti. He sent me this personal prayer as I share with you below. Let’s pray together with him for The Favor of The Lord and The Provision of Almighty God in Yeshua’s Name. Thanks.

In Christ, Heavenly Father God Almighty, the Most High God, the creator of Heaven and Earth, The God of Abraham, Jacob, Isaac and God of Israel. Today again, I humbly come before your throne of grace, mercy and majesty with crying heart to request you for justice. I am totally broken in the hardship, lacks of funds, difficulties, dangers, risks, falsehood, traps and snares of demonic, immature and political leaders by walking faith in Christ and in Your Holy promises of Bible. But I am thankful that you have been with me in all trials & tests, hardship to give me strength to go through as obedient servant and spiritual son in Christ. Thank you Lord. Being servant to spread Gospel and the salvation of Jesus Christ among Christian even other nations on the great commission (Mathew 28: 19). Wicked mentality had been polluted my character to pray other nations, and to spread Good news of Jesus Christ. They never learn and trained for salvation of Jesus Christ. Even there were/are immature leaderships of churches and political leaders’ servants, followers and voters. They got refugee in churches but they did not know anything about Your Holy Words, missionary journey and mission of Jesus Christ on earth and how your obedient servant devoted their lives for peace and salvation of humanity. But flesh minded’ focus is only on the materialistic things, mentality and they believe in materialistic things. But I never mind for their immaturity but I had been focused on your Gospel work on earth for their salvation. I thank you Lord that you have qualified me from youth to serve you. Even they had been ever tried to persecute us with their bitter and flesh mentality, because they wanted to use all of us for their purposes but not Gospel work for last so many years. Even I am humbly on the mission among persecuted Asylum seekers & refugee now for last 4 year in other countries but they are still attacking me from back of country about my old youthful life when I was without Christ when I was also away from Your Holy Words. Now I had been going through so many dangers, risks, uncertainty, bitter words, immaturity of unbelievers and believers through their rough negative words for your Holy Name, Holy Words and your humble servants who walks by faith in Christ and in your Holy promises as missionaries, evangelists, pastors, because they never heard your Holy commissioned words. But false leadership and immature pastors who never had been trained to teach your Holy Words among nations and other nations, they had been insulting me with bitter words for walking by faith in Christ, they laughed on me for provision with flesh minded and worldly. Because they are focused work on materialistic things, pre-planed for everything. But we are walking by faith in your Holy promises – unseen promises. Now in other countries, God always provide me place in church to serve you Lord. I thank the church – head that provided me place to live and serve you Lord among persecuted asylum seekers & refugees. I happily did job ever for serving you among all. But here in Malaysia now , there is so much risk of arresting on the job’ place due to language problem, even I am old, who will take care of me, if I will be arrested as illegal immigrants, because UNHCR still did not give me any letter and photo cards to be saved. if I do job for survival, then It means to other that I have lost my confidence in your promises to provide for everything for your mission also, Even areas are far away to serve you in different areas where your people are waiting for the message of salvation and peace to be encouraged and blessed. Lord, I request you for provision because I need to work full time for your Gospel to encourage dishearten, discouraged, persecuted asylum seekers and refugees. I ask the restoration of souls in Christ that are lost in the darkness, in dangers, risks, in the helplessness and hopelessness during seeking Asylum & refugee. Even UNHCR has refused so many cases, on other side our Christian people has sold out their properties in Pakistan and got asylum in other countries, Even so many people still have no picture card from UNHCR as safe refugees and Asylum seekers. People senses has lost in the loose and lost system of world. Most of them are living like dead conscious for daily bread, worried about their children, girls & boys’ future and house rents. There is so much destruction of souls in Christ; they are suffering with great pain, burden, lacks of basic needs of life, lack of knowledge of biblical faith for struggling Christian from beginning of Christianity. On the other, shepherds are not qualified by your Holy Spirit and in Holy words promises. Merciful God of Host, Christian asylum seekers are facing different kinds of lacks, they have no confidence in the promises of God in helplessness, hopelessness, and they had been trapped and snared in different worldly ways of tricks. We/They had been attacked from all sides from back, front, right and left in the innocents and immaturity of faith. When we come in new area of country, we also become immature according to their law and language. Even Demonic people uses them wrongly in different prospective of area or denominations, class, cast and creed to lead them into hell and man – made system. Merciful Father God use me for your people as written in your Holy Words. my people are from you ( Psalms 121). Provide me provision, transportation, sources to protect them as shelter and source of blessing. Save me for other nation’ s fellowship, risk, danger and lacks. I am totally broken by the other nations views, immature flesh minded Christian even they are also asylum seekers & refugees, or established refugees in other countries that show me as worldly. But I am your obedient servant from youth to teach Gospel to till old age as single of 44, Even I am not tired to be single, but I am broken by ugly words of people about your servant on earth. I have been serving with personal commitment as single and pure heart in Christ as true missionary of Salvation and Peace of Lord Jesus Christ as written that left everything for you. I have been busy in serving you Lord of Host, Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Even I still could not find time for my personal life – partner and old parents family. Merciful Lord of Host, I need your Spiritual and financial help now to carry on the new beginning for refugees and asylum seekers for finding solutions and sponsorship for resettlement. I am very thankful to you, I need it for your ministry on the earth. If I am not suitable here in Malaysia, Lord, show me the way where I will go forward for your mission on the earth to give your message of salvation to your people, provide me teams to give your Holy Words and great commission in Christ. Merciful God of Host, there are so many doubts about me by authorities who provide, because they never imagine this kind of suffering as I am suffering on the great commission, Because I never follow man – made system but your Holy spirit guidance. Lord of Host, you are enthroned God in heaven, You are Holy Spirit. you qualify and recommend your disciples differently for your Mission of salvation and peace on earth. I intentionally express that I never plan anything, but I just walked by faith in Christ and in spirit that led me to work for persecuted Asylum seekers & refugees. So many people had different views about me according to their orientation and mentalities, formations of world. But you know my heart from my youth, how I love to serve you among humanity even I was persecuted and tortured, insulted for basic needs of life. Now you can only do justice with me to be completed and you can only comfort my broken soul and spirit in Christ to be blessed and to bless persecuted communities in mighty name of Jesus Christ. Merciful Lord provide me to come forward in other countries to serve and spread Gospel and salvation of Jesus Christ. Because your mission is valuable for me on the earth rather than anything of world, now save me from danger of life, risk, and immaturity of believer by walking faith in Christ even among other nations. Now I am old and not too young, I ask for provision with faith and confidence in the might name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


With humble heart in Christ Your brother in Christ Farhad ( henry)


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