Personal Journey

Inner Healing… 8/2/2018 ♥

Glory to God.

This is the first inner healing journal entry I have ever shared with the world.

Yeshua has been healing my broken soul this year like never before. He leads me through the darkest of valleys into His Marvelous Light each day. I am more whole day by day. More to come later about the sensitive topic of inner healing and what it means to be truly broken before God…


Inner Healing 7.16.18


Eye doctor appointment is an eye opener for sure.

Filling out the paperwork was both humbling and sobering.

Praise God for resurrecting me…

This is huge.

From Beauty to Ashes. All pride is exposed.

Sitting here under this bright, white overhead fluorescent light makes me feel naked-just completely exposed.

The Lord is bringing me to places of confrontation where I have to look at and deal with things that make me seriously uncomfortable.

However, in the midst of it all is a greater intimacy and walk with my Creator-which is what Jesus/Yeshua died for. God wanted Complete Reconciliation between Himself and His Creation. This is The Revelation of The Cross. This is what The Lord used to show me my brokenness. I hadn’t seen The Passion of The Christ in like 15 years. I remembered the movie really wrecked me emotionally.

I was having a terrible 2017 so I tried to press into God like never before. One way I felt led to try was to watch the movie about Jesus/Yeshua. I had no emotional response.

Today, I expound.

August 2, 2018…

At the doctor’s office, I had to update my patient information. It had been so long… I took my clipboard and sat down, ear buds in my ears. I was blaring my personal playlist on Spotify-Particularly, Roots and Wings by Miranda Lambert as I pondered my Testimony and developments underway at The Very Hand of God.

This song is so personal for me. It’s like 2018 has been my year of Breakthrough and I am blown away at my Lord… The Miracles keep unfolding with The Truth!



Lyrics to “Roots and Wings” by Miranda Lambert

Roots And Wings
I got red dirt stains
On my boots and jeans
Calloused fingers
From my guitar strings
Wild like the wind
In the tall pine trees
I got roots
And I got wings
I raise my glass
On a Saturday night
I thank the Lord above
On my Sunday drive
For Daddy’s hands
And Mama’s dreams
He gave me roots
She gave me wings
He said run on love
And run on life
And plant some seeds
Until you’re tired
Don’t take anything at all for granted
She said raise your hands
And raise your babies
Be yourself
And never change it
Be everything you ever wanna be
He said run on love
And run on life
And plant some seeds
And take your time
Don’t take anything at all for granted
She said raise your hands
And raise your babies
Be yourself
And never change it
Be everything you ever wanna be
I saddle up
When I get down
Sing every night
In a different town
And I’ve got a man who wears my ring
And I got roots
And I got wings
Yeah I got roots
I got wings
Songwriters: Miranda Lambert
Roots And Wings lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC


Back to the doctor visit…

The Lord pulled back the curtain of my heart as my eyes scanned the black and white form.

Emergency contacts. Diagnoses. Previous surgeries, family history, etc…

I could see my ashes all over the place. I am resurrected with Christ, far more than I ever thought. I had no idea just how dead I was.

The enemy tried to completely rob me of my identity. The Lord has intervened.

I am no longer cursed, but blessed, and the things that God is doing just takes my breath away… ♥

Praise The Lord! He is The God of The Living and not The God of the dead! ♥

♥ ♥ ♥

Also, on another beautiful note for The Glory of God, while I was there in the waiting room, I met this lovely couple named Danny and Anna Conn. They are amazing People of God and I praise The Lord for this Divine Appointment. We shared our thoughts about the current state of The Church and had a nice little fellowship. Praise The Lord! I shared God’s Awesome Deliverance Fellowship group with them, then around a week later I ran into Anna at work! We took a picture! Praise The LORD!


Hallelujah!  ♥

In other news…

The LORD blessed me with a new hairstyle today on August 3, 2018.

I went for the Marilyn Monroe look.


She was known for different reasons and remains an icon…but God knows why I chose this hairdo. He led me to as part of His story. I relate to Marilyn, like many other women. She may have been involved in darkness and living in sin, but she was a real woman, and she was broken. I praise God for healing my brokenness. It is through Yeshua/Jesus ALONE that ANYBODY can be made WHOLE. ♥

Praise GOD!

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