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Effective Witnessing. Sunday 7-29-2018.

Glory to God!

The Lord has really been doing some cool stuff lately.

Yesterday The Holy Spirit led me to share music with people at a local store.

The music that God had me share was an interesting type of Christian rock.

Some of you may be shocked to see the words “Christian” and “rock” together.

I first heard about the band from my amazing man… whom I love so much.

The Lord is really moving in our lives and working all things in our favor.

I praise Yeshua for setting The Captives Free!    🙂

You know a tree by it’s fruit. That’s what our Messiah said.

The world needs more fruit. More flavors.

Christian rock/this particular sound can appeal to a wider audience. The world is hurting and people need the hope of The Gospel. This way it is packaged differently than in the pews, but the Power is the same.

I love this feel.

Check out Josh Brown’s Testimony here.

So anyhoo…

The Spirit of God moved and I followed.

The Lord touched a handful of lives with the Power of Music.

Please pray in agreement with me that those seeds are heavily watered in some way and that God gives The Increase. Thank you.

The Glory is The Lord’s alone! Amen! He is GOOD!!! ♥

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