Animals, Personal Journey

4 Legged Friends.

Glory 2 God.

I miss you, Little Bit.

You’re still my best friend, I miss you hiding your peppermint candy that you stole off the coffee table-stashing it in the chair in the living room which you claimed as your own.

I miss your little black nose poking underneath my bedroom door nightly to make sure I was okay still..

I miss

I Praise God for The closure He gave me when The Holy Spirit led me to sing to you as you were passing away at home in your little bed.

I praise God for all the car rides we took in my convertible with the top down-you thought it was so cool.

Thank God for all our 4 legged friends.

The world is a beautiful place because of the pets He shares with us.

This JJ Heller song came on last night-one of the ones I sang to her as she quietly left this world.

Praise God for His Tenderness & Mercy.

He is SO Beautiful! 🔥🙏

Whatcha think?

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