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Serious Prayer Time! Now! Thanks †

Urgent Prayers Tonight!

Brothers and Sisters,

It is of utmost importance that we come together this night and pray, HARD!

Little lives and Precious souls are at stake.

The LORD GOD of ISRAEL IS ANGRY. He is coming with a HUGE Vengeance for all who do not repent for breaking people! The Battle is The Lord’s.

You cannot contend with GOD ALMIGHTY!

Praise God! I feel the FIRE!
In The Name of Yeshua, we give thanks to The LORD God Almighty of ISRAEL! We Praise You, Father! For You Are AWESOME! We give thanks for our KING and our MESSIAH! We Praise You, Yeshua!
You tasted death so we wouldn’t have to.
You were broken so we could be made whole.
You took our shame so we do not have to be ashamed!

Lord, we petition The Courts of Heaven as Your Body…Your Bride..this night!
We ask in Yeshua’s Name, that ALL plans, plots, and schemes of the kingdom of darkness related to Satanic Rituals/the lunar eclipse be rendered null and void right NOW! Let everything plotted in secret be exposed for the world to see!
Almighty God, RAIN Your Revival FIRE on the earth like NEVER before!!!

In The Name of The Son of God, Yeshua, our Messiah, we utterly shut down and CANCEL ALL Satanic Rituals in the earth this night! In The Name of Yeshua, we break and cancel all enemy assignments against the lives of innocent little ones, and ignorant, unlearned individuals susceptible to such crimes.
In Yeshua’s Name, we bind up the spirits of death, suicide, depression, sorrow, hopelessness, gender confusion, Baphomet, perversion, and all else for all the earth! In turn we LOOSE the Fruit of The Spirit into the land in exchange in Yeshua’s Name!

Wake up and shake up the earth, Lord GOD ALMIGHTY!
Let The Church no longer SLEEP!
Father God, Please cancel any backlash or retaliation on behalf of all those interceding regarding this in Yeshua’s Name.

In The Name of Yeshua, I prophesy BREAKTHROUGH over all of FACEBOOK! Everyone reading this, receive your BLESSING in The Name of YESHUA!

*Image via Free Press Journal

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