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Daily Devotional with Mr. Jeffrey A. Hale ♥

As a child of the 70’s, I liked the band KISS. It was always exciting and unique in that, every album release included cool “extras”. Inside every album was a prize. During my morning prayer I thought, in some ways, opening a new KISS album in the 70’s shows the difference between OUR faith and every other ideology, or religion. With other belief systems, you try to follow the teachings and practices. But the Gospel isn’t just about trying to follow a teaching or practice. It contains a prize and a gift, something real that’s given to you. It’s not about what’s true. It’s the giving of the Gift of Truth itself – Himself. You can’t live as a Believer without His supernatural presence residing in you. It’s like holding that new KISS album in the 70’s but not reaching in for the prize. For YeHoVaH/God so loved the world that He gave the greatest of gifts. That giving isn’t complete by teaching, doctrine, going to church, or Bible studies. They’re good, but the giving is made complete by receiving. It’s time you reach deep down into your faith, into the blessing of the gift. It’s as simple as when I was a kid pulling a prize out of a new KISS album. Facebook friends, take time to go deep into the YeHoVaH/God’s presence… and obtain the Prize. Amen?



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