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Daily Intercessory Prayers! Get Your Pray on, Brothers & Sisters! Let’s watch the mountains fall into The Sea! ♥

Glory to God! He has instructed me by His Spirit that He wants me to begin doing daily intercessory prayer posts on His Blog! This is the second one. I am super-excited to see Him on the move in the world right now like never before! We are changing things, Brothers and Sisters! Pray without ceasing!

Pray with me Saints!!

LORD God, Almighty!
We give thanks today and Praise You!
We ask that today ALL waterways in the WHOLE world are purged by The Fire of Your Spirit!!!
We call for clean water for ALL!
Let nobody thirst anymore!
Let Your Healing Fire RAIN!

In The Name of Jesus/Yeshua, we speak LIFE into ALL the markets, restaurants, gardens, and farms! Let ALL food in the world be Purged to bring forth healing and deliverance for all the inhabitants of the earth! ❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

And in The Name of Jesus/Yeshua, I call forth Breakthrough over all of Facebook and WordPress!

Let The Love of God Radiate through Your People!
We Praise You, Almighty God!!!
All in Yeshua’s HOLY Name!

Abba Y-h,

In the Name of Yeshua, we lift up all babies, boys, girls, men and women who are involved or being used in the adult entertainment industry and sex slavery. Human trafficking. Satanic Ritual Abuse. We ask You to please infiltrate the enemies camp and remove spiritual hostages. Convict people that are going to drag shows, strip clubs, night clubs and bars. Cancel all assignments and plans of ritual abuse to shatter the human soul for the purposes of the kingdom of darkness. Set the captives free TONIGHT Yeshua, so that they don’t have to spend another second in a CAGE whether literal or spiritual. Intervene, oh G-d, and expose the darkness. Put an end to this madness.

In The Name of Yeshua, Amen.

Please join me in prayer for Sister Glenis for The Lord’s Provision-that God will open doors that no man can shut. Also, please pray for her health, finances, healing and deliverance. Tonight, let’s all lift up Sister Glenis’ children and grandchildren. The Lord knows their needs. Thanks a bunch!

Also, please remember Sister Karen for continued healing and comfort in The Lord post hip surgery. Praise God!!!

From Brother Ed: Requesting prayer for my mother, she is in a skilled nursing facility, she has blood clots and has rheumatoid arthritis. She has been in hospital and nursing facility for over a month. I ask prayers for her to be healed and to go back home with my dad.

Urgent prayers please: Diane Taha

My sister in law is in a London hospital, she had heart surgery, but is deteriorating…Needs prayer for salvation. Thank you for your prayers…Am very grateful.

Prayers up for Brother & Sister Power Team for The Lord, Thai & Pia!

Prayers up for Hannah, Margarete and Andrew! Holy Spirit Fire!

Please pray for God’s Favor for Brother Reggie. Amen

Please pray in agreement with me today that the lost are found, the broken are made whole, The hopeless see God’s Light, the weary are refreshed, the empty will overflow, the blind see, and The Holy Spirit shall FALL like a sheet upon our land, upon this whole world!!! Fire! Revival Rain on Your People, Almighty God!!! We Praise You this day and give THANKS for Who YOU are!!!!!!!❤️🔥🔥🔥
In Yeshua’s Precious Name, AMEN!!!

Pray against all Abortion Clinics and Planned Parenthood.

Pray that the works of darkness are exposed shut down before they can manifest!

Pray for God to bless my amazing man, Jeff ♥ †

Front Line Fire!

Brothers & Sisters, let’s come together and pray for these front-line ministries.

May The Lord bless them all with a spiritual warfare reprieve, expanded audiences, unlimited resources, boldness, clarity, and strength to take on the darkest of dark in The Name of Yeshua!
Through The Black with Thomas Dunn and Jared Chrestman

Summer, Guy and family, Russ Dizdar, David & Donna Carrico
Patricia Baird Clark
Sister Beth Eckert
Marcus Rogers
RS Ministries Reggie N Christa Soto
Keys to The Kingdom (you all know who you are)
David Arthur
Brother Henry Bhatti Farhad
Sister Bella Orsi
Brother Thai Dinh and Sister Pia in Spain
Pastor Charles Lawson of Knoxville, TN

Pray for God’s Blessing & Provision for The Take on The World 2018 Conference!

And everyone else! God bless you all so much!
Love in Yeshua!


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