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Prayers for The Persecuted Church.

Tuesday, July 17th 2018.
In Christ , dear Heavenly Father God ,the most High God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, Elohim Yahweh Yirah, I come before your throne of Grace,Mercy and Majesty to thank your mercy and grace, you always mercy on your people. You are living Lord of Lords, Now Christian families of Islam- Nagir, Faisalabad, Pakistan has been forced to leave their homes because of social matter. Some of extremists are making social matter as religious matter to eradicate Christianity from Pakistan.
Lord of Host, if you dont want to see Christian in Pakistan then Lord of Host open gates of foreign countries for Christians of Pakistan. Where Christian of Pakistan may live peacefully, even if it has become place of extremists.
God of Majesty, It is not only going to happen first time with christian to empty their houses but also hundreds of time had been happened in last 70′ years. Because Pakistani leadership can not do justice with Pakistani Christian, they are selected leaders, they are under their parties and they can not ask social and religious rights. Even Christian leaders also couldn’t do justice with each other. Open heart of UNHCR’ staff as they are opening gates for all persecuted, grieved humanity of other countries to give shelter without questions. Give them more wisdom and understanding to understand Christian’ persecution in Pakistan also.
We ask with faith in Christ that it is written in Your Holy words. you are God of promises. You will never let persecuted , grieved,helpless people alone in troubles. But you always come in storms. We ask peace for innocent,simple heart Christians who had always been threatened by extremists. We ask Justice in Jesus Christ -Yeshua Name. Amen

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