Personal Journey

Daily Devotional with Mr. Jeffrey A. Hale

I remember in the 70’s every year The Wizard of OZ would air on television. I always eagerly awaited when this movie came on. Of course the Wicked Witch every year gave me nightmares😰. My favorite character the Cowardly Lion. I believe it was meant to be ironic because lions are known for being courageous, nothing makes them afraid. Yeshua/Jesus is called “The Lion of Judah”. He’s a lion in the sense that He’s King of the Earth and Heavens, there is no stronger power. Nothing makes Him afraid, and you don’t mess with a lion. If Yeshua/Jesus is a lion, then you who are in Him, must live as a lion as well. The problem is that many believers go through their lives as cowardly lions. They’re cowering before their problems, their challenges, and their circumstances. It’s senseless to be a lion and to be afraid. When you’re born again, you become a lion of YeHoVaH/God. You have the power through Him to be strong and of good courage. So rise up by the Spirit of God and start living with courage. Start overcoming your fears. Face them head on, be bold and triumph. For cowardly lions are for the kingdom of Oz … not the kingdom of God. Facebook friends,
this week rise up by the Spirit of God and act, speak, and live boldly, and courageously, as a lion of God. Amen?

Whatcha think?

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