Personal Journey

Daily Devotional with Mr. Jeffrey A. Hale. 7/6/18

When I was growing up my Grandmother lived in Hoopeston Illinois. My favorite time of the year was when Hoopeston hosted the National Sweet Corn Festival. They had a huge parade, demo derby, all the sweet corn you could eat and of course a carnival would come to town every year. As all carnivals do, they had games that were rigged to make it nearly impossible to win the prize. They had basketball with a hoop so small that it was almost impossible to get the ball into it. In my early teenage years I was hoping to win a stuffed bear or a Quiet Riot mirror for a girl I adored in school (she never knew I was alive). I made attempt after attempt to win the prize each time shelling out more money. My friends tried to stop me, but I would not be stopped! I finally won, (I chose the mirror for her) and it only cost me $42.00… for a Quiet Riot mirror that cost about .50¢ to produce! So, too, there are a lot of pursuits in life that are not worth winning. You might be striving for success, money, positions, like many of my co-workers🙄 or possessions but losing everything that’s truly valuable in the process. Facebook friends, don’t strive to win a worldly victory that will end up making you lose your family, your marriage, your peace, your intimacy, and life with YeHoVaH/God. Give up that empty pursuit, and find your peace with God your Father or you could end up paying $40.00 to win a stuffed animal or Quiet Riot mirror that’s only worth .50¢ and never get the guts to deliver it to the one you adore. Amen?



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