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Urgent Prayers For The Persecuted Church! ❤️

From our Dear Brother in Christ, Henry Bhatti Farhad of Pakistan:


Let us pray for persecuted church – Akklisa in the wilderness.

Let us pray for each other, Let us pray to encourage each other in these days of troubles, Let leadership pray for each other and encourage each other. Leaders are human , they also did many mistakes as fellow human sometime,

Dear Heavenly Father God Almighty, the Most High God of Majesty, Mercy and Grace, Elohim Yahweh, I humbly come to request with thankful heart before your throne, You have ever been wonderful and glorious, gracious and victorious to helpless, hopeless persecuted Akklisa world – wide. It is from beginning that persecution had been over saints, disciples, apostles and prophets; they had been migrated from one place to another place for safety, satisfaction of faith, It will be till ends until human did not repent from their sins as explained by Prophet Jonah.


Father God, I ask your mercy for the families of persecuted asylum seekers who are suffering in other countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Sri – Lanka even in prison, IDCs. You can give you spiritual strength, restoration of spiritual awakening, be encouraged, You can save them from inhuman attitudes, brutal mentalities, selfishness, dead conscious people and guidance. I ask your blessings, wisdom, provision as I had been serving among Christian asylum seekers, grieved humanity.

You are potter, we are clay, you are creator of heaven and earth, you know everything, and nothing is hidden from you holiest eyes. Give us way, open the ways, we pray for dead conscious Christian Asylum seekers to raise them up who had been trapped and snared by different demonic games of culture, customs, multiculture. Many of them are lost in the darkness. Oh merciful God , bring them into the Light of Lord Jesus Christ to be blessed. You are so merciful and wonderful.


We pray for staff of UNHCR to bless them to be good and dutiful human being for fellow human being. You can change selfish and brutal plans for your servants, sons and persecuted saints, innocents’ families, helpless and hopeless and imprisoned people. I ask your provision in mighty name of Jesus Christ – Yeshua. Amen.




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