Personal Journey

Continuing In Prayer For Brother Farhad and The Persecuted Brethren ♥

Catching up with Brother Farhad of Pakistan:

Mon 2:02pm

Dear Heavenly Father God Almighty, the most high God of Majesty, the creator of Heaven and earth. I come before your throne of Grace and mercy with thankful heart that you are using me among Pakistani Christian Asylum seekers in different countries to work the plight of Christian in Pakistan. I request with humble heart for work permit In Malaysia to encourage Asylum seekers, persecuted and grieved humanity who are suffering as stateless Christian for seeking Asylum. I pray for UNHCR that is pillar for grieved humanity of all religions. I pray International churches who give shelters all nations to be blessed. Father God, I pray for all helper and humanity lovers who need your support and Almighty provision to do your will on earth as it is in heavens. I pray in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Yeshua, Yah shua. I pray for those who had been helping hands to encourage and support refugees and Asylum seekers. Save our families from evil temptations and wicked plans that cutting connection locally to force innocents families to leave Pakistan. I thank you that you save us from double minded and wicked plans to keep up your good work in Jesus Holy Name. I ask with confidence and found blessing for work permit, visas and tickets to come forward in those conferences and meetings where solutions are being decided for grieved humanity, refugees, and Asylum seekers to be blessed. I ask with faith in Christ. In Holy name Jesus Christ. Amen.

With humble heart in Christ Bishop Dr. Farhad S. Bhatti


I hear Father God saying “Pray For My People.”

God bless everyone today in Jesus Name!



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