Personal Journey


RENUNCIATION OF WITCHCRAFT & OCCULT Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus, I repent & renounce as sin all involvement & contact with the Occult & all Witchcraft known & unknown in my life and my ancestors right back to Adam & Eve. I now break with the precious Blood of Jesus all involvement in Satan’s kingdom & loose myself & my family line, past, present & future from all his demons with whatever legal rights of authority & power they may of had. I destroy with THE BLOOD OF JESUS the following… All forms of Witchcraft, Black magic, Sorcery, Pharmacia, Rebellion, incantations, Voodoo, Hoodoo, Satanism, Hexes, Pentagrams, Ankhs, Circles, Vexes, Blood Sacrifices, Blood Rituals, All Evil Spells, Soul Destruction, Angels of Light, Witch’s, Warlocks, Charms, Potions, Psychic influence, Psychic heredity, curses, Control & Manipulation, Charismatic Witchcraft, Demonic Holds or Husbandry, Chanting, strongholds, bondage, Snares, Mental Illness, Mind Control, Misfortune, Poverty, Evil Imaginations. Also I cover & claim the PRECIOUS BLOOD OF LORD JESUS CHRIST over every form of Occultism & Witchcraft I have participated in…. Name anything that comes to mind i.e. Tarot card readings, horoscopes, ouija boards, clairvoyants, meditation, yoga, new age therapies, hypnotism, spells, ESP, rebirthing, Cursed jewellery, necromancy, acupuncture, reiki, palmistry, tea leaf readings, astral projecting, levitation, Video Games: Dungeon & Dragons, Diablo, Candle magic etc. Thank you Jesus for setting me free!! I now command you satan and all your evil spirits and curses to leave me and my family now, & go where the Lord Jesus is sending you! All demons flee! Thank you Jesus for setting me free!

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Prayer via Keys To The Kingdom Deliverance Ministry


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