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Praying For Brother Farhad’s Work Permit & The Persecuted Church

As you may have read, over time I have been corresponding with Brother Henry Bhatti Farhad, who is also a Bishop and journalist from Pakistan. He is working hard for The sake of The Gospel in The Lord Jesus Christ. We have all been lifting him up in prayer here and on Facebook. Please check the latest request out and we will intercede together in Jesus Name.  God bless 🙂

This is what he shared with me last night.

Brother Farhad’s Prayer request:

Hello dear sister Amanda,
Please pray for me , i need your prayer for work permit to work among persecuted church and Pakistani christian Asylum seekers in Malaysia, Even where i was living in Malaysia with Malay’s pastor, they had told me to find an other place to stay , they were providing food and shelter.. I need your prayers most urgently, Even My family in Pakistan is in great trouble, our gas meter of home has been cut off by Government, Even my brother has paid bills. Please pray for them and me here in Malaysia, I need miracle of God most urgently as i believe that our God is miracle doing God.

Whatcha think?

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