Prayer against Spirit Husband/Wife & Sleep Paralysis

Prayer against Spirit Husband/Wife & Sleep Paralysis


Father, Thank you for Jesus! Thank you for your unstoppable love for me! Thank you for this freedom. Glory to God!

We come out of agreement, break and remove all evil spiritual wedding rings, jewelry, crowns and garlands in Jesus name.

We come out of agreement, break and over turn all covenants of marriage with all spirits of evil and darkness. I ask you lord to overturn any other covenant I have made that is not in agreement with you.

We loose the fire of God on the evil wedding garments, wedding shoes, belt and veil.

I break the curse of terror, rape, sexual abuse, the crippler, slavery, the victim, and all torment (physical, sexual, and spiritual. I come out of agreement with it all… and break any ungodly soul ties. I bind and cast out the gate keeper. I shut and seal the gate with the blood of Jesus.

We cancel all assignments of sleep paralysis and come out of agreement with it. We loose angels to stand guard over me and my home/family while I sleep.

We break all triggers…fear, fear of man, fear of women, fear of hurt, fear of rejection, fear of resentment, fear of defilement, fear of loss of innocence, fear of being labeled, fear of being tarnished. We command them all to come out. All sabotage come out too in Jesus name.

I come out of agreement and break the curse of divorce in my blood line. I break the curse of adultery, defilement of the marriage and defilement of the marriage bed. I come against you and I break you off my blood line, on both, my mother and father side all the way back to Adam and Eve, I break it off me and my future generations, I lay this down at your feet Jesus and know that this is done.

We loose_____ (person’s name) … to be released from the prison of trauma… and the memories…we cover them with the blood of Jesus…. We command all regret to loose and go… all regret that produces condemnation, unworthy, defeat and failure, all regret that produces death, suicide, murder…. Fire in the belly!

We brake and smite all lay lines, sliver cords gateways, portals and communication lines, from the ex-husband/wife. Holy Spirit we ask for deep healing and cleansing in Jesus name.

Abandonment, rejection, unappreciated, unloved, we come out of agreement and we break that off in the name of Jesus

All seduction, perversion, weak will, lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, & wet dreams go in Jesus name.

We seal this deliverance with the blood of Jesus and holy spirit we ask you to  fill the voids in me and continue to push out everything that Jesus wants out. Thank you Jesus for making me whole! all glory to you God



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