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Mass Group Prayer Intercession! Church, stand in the gap! Coming Against The spirits of Baphomet & sexual perversions

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In Jesus Name, with thanksgiving in our hearts as The Body of Christ, we come against the spirits of Baphomet and sexual perversions that are going through homes and tearing up marriages, destroying the lives of individuals in the name of “freedom” with what is purely confusion sent from the pits of hell itself. Father God, we just ask in Jesus Name that The Love of Jesus will manifest so clearly in the lives of those who are under these types of attacks from the kingdom of darkness, penetrating the most wicked lies and hardest of hearts. In Jesus Name, we break and cancel ALL enemy assignments against today’s youth to cause them sexual confusion regarding their physical and makeup-identity from The Only One True and Living God, Jehovah, of The Bible, Father of His Only Begotten Son, our Lord Jesus Christ who died for the sins of ALL mankind, but not only that…to restore the fellowship between man and his Creator, that is so very Sacred to our God in Jesus Name! Finally LORD, in Jesus Name we break and cancel all enemy assignments of backlash, retaliation and revenge that would come against us, our loved ones and any part of our lives at all due to this intercession. To God Only be The Glory Forever Amen! Thank You Jesus in Your Name, Amen 🙂

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