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Prayer for Renunciation of Roman Catholicism III and Release from the Strongholds of Jezebel / the Queen of Heaven

Truth in Reality

Heavenly Father, I renounce the false kingdom of Jezebel, the ‘queen of heaven’, and the ‘lady of the kingdoms’.

I repent of being tolerant of the Jezebel spirit in my home, my church and my community.

I repent of my passivity and fear that has stopped me from confronting those under this spirit.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I bind everything of the kingdom of Jezebel in my life.  I come against every right and stronghold that has been built up in my life.

I renounce and break every effect of the throne and the authority of the queen of heaven in my life and my family.

I cut every cord to that throne and destroy every effect of that throne in my life in Jesus’ name.

I declare that throne will not be in operation in my life and that I will only worship at the…

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