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If You Want to Help The Persecuted Brothers and Sisters in Christ, here is your chance as led by The Holy Spirit.

I am sharing this urgent post for mercy and help on behalf of Brother Henry Bhatti Farhad, Bishop and Brother in Christ from Pakistan. Click on his name to go to his Facebook, he is legit, the cause is real. Pray and seek The Lord that The Holy Spirit confirm this to you or lead you to pray and help in any way you can. I have known him for awhile now and have been interceding for our Family in The Lord that are persecuted for Jesus’ Namesake.

Here is the message:

“Please pray for me , I need your prayer most urgently, , At moment, I am in Thailand working among Pakistani Christian Asylum seekers, My visa will expire within 7 dayys now, But God’s Holy Spirit did not allow me to go Pakistan, but to extend visa for persecuted and suffering Pakistani Christian in Thailand who had been in Jail ( IDC) for last many years. Please help me financially what you can do for extending my visa. i need 800 US Dollar.”

If you are led, I am receiving donations for our Brother via Western Union. I will share the information if you are interested. Thank you for your time and helping the persecuted Christians in the east, God bless.


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