Personal Journey

Nighttime Smiles.

Pondering in the wee hours…

I just need to learn to wait on The Lord. I know we can pray anywhere and are told to pray without ceasing in The Word.  1 Thessalonians 5:17 (KJV)  “Pray without ceasing.”

I also know that it is wonderful to have a prayer closet like Jesus said where we can seek God and shut the door… I’ve just been leaning onto my own understanding a whole lot lately. New supernatural things have been showing up in my life. It’s been a lot to process and still is. If it wasn’t for the filling of The Holy Spirit and fire inside of me I would feel so alone and hopeless, but praise Jesus, He did not leave us comfortless.

It’s a new chapter, a new season for me. I thought I knew it all so I had to fall in my pride for God to create in me again. I thought my testimony was complete and I was working in my calling only to find out over the past few months, it’s just begun.

Hope springs up unexpectedly at times. I love how God surprises us to make our hearts smile. He knows just what the soul is crying out for. His plans are perfect and far beyond our understanding and imaginations. I’m learning it’s just about trusting Him and not trying to figure things out, instead waiting on Him in prayer, seeking Him with all of my heart. Jesus has always seen I got where I was supposed to be and that I had all I needed to get there. Amen and Amen… one day at a time Amen? 😉

Whatever happened today that may have bogged you down…let’s see what God’s tomorrow brings!

Whatcha think?

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