Personal Journey

2018 Warfare Prayer for The Church! ♥

In Jesus Name we bind all spirit networks (and loose complete confusion on the kingdom of darkness) working against the minds, will, emotions and flesh of the body of Christ..Including the spirits of depression, hopelessness, fatigue, anxiety, fear, mind-binding, strife, and unbelief.
We break & cancel all assignments now for Your Church today and all 2018 regarding: Your calling on our lives or any ministry, our families, children, marriages, all relationships, jobs and co-workers, finances, opportunities, decision making, pets, health, and our precious walk with YOU LORD JESUS! And everything else Jesus!
Also, Father, today we pray that You will have mercy in pouring out your love on the lost, that You’d have the soil ready to receive the seeds today and always! We ask you to send forth the Laborers into the harvest. Please let all the people that any of us EVER witnessed to or shared Jesus with in any way remember Him now and not forget. Lord Jesus, breathe on the Word in the lost and the Prodigals to bring them Home, Hallelujah! Thank you Lord, we love you in Jesus Name, Amen! 🔥

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