Personal Journey

Being Real Tonight.

When you enlisted for actual Christianity you didn’t sign up for your best life now. You signed up for a war with things unseen. This is a spiritual battle and you must take it seriously. One kingdom or the other. Satan owns the fence. Lukewarm will get you into hell. Sometimes you may feel like quitting. Just remember that Jesus didn’t quit on you. He could’ve quit long before The Cross. Before the nails driven into His hands and feet. He could’ve called for legions of angels and stopped it, but you were the joy set before Him.

How much do you love Jesus? Do you love Him in your pain and in the darkest hours? Do you love Jesus enough to die for Him? To die to yourself, laying down your life for His. Pick up your Cross and follow Him. You are not your own anymore to go your own way. You don’t take offense because dead people can’t take offense. Once your flesh is crucified, you will flow freely in The Spirit. Surely there are obstacles that seem impossible to overcome…but…you’re still here aren’t you? You have eyes to read this.

God bless you, precious one. You matter to your Creator no matter how you feel about yourself or what others say about you or what you think that they think. The struggle you are in right now may be worse than that of another Brother or Sister. You may be on the mountain top singing Glory, Hallelujah! Praise God if you are…you may be watching all your friends rise in their Breakthroughs when you’ve sought so long after yours. Nonetheless we are all still the same. All still capable of the same crimes. We are different but yet we are the same.

Christian, trust your Lord. All Hell may be breaking loose before your eyes and your flesh may hurt so bad that it feels like it’s on fire and won’t be put out. He still loves you…Look at Job in the Bible. His end was better than his beginning. Don’t lose hope. God has a plan for you. You matter just as much as every other soul in the world and parts of The Body of Christ. So go shine, precious one. Take what God has given you, follow His lead. It may not look at all like the path that others are taking, but it is your path that God designed just for you, His precious vessel. Be encouraged and glorify your King 🙂
Sending love in Jesus your way tonight. God bless. To Him be all Glory for all things, and may I continue to die to the pride and deep wounded hurts of the past. With God all things are possible. Remember Jesus loves you.

Whatcha think?

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