Personal Journey

Revelation from The Lord in Dreams & Progress Note.

God speaks to us in dreams. It is true the devil and his camp interfere and mess with us in our dreams too of course, but God speaks and reveals things to us in our dreams. I have been struggling with demons in my body most of this year and am still seeking the great breakthrough in deliverance that I so desire.

The other night in my dream I was walking with my husband in our front yard. In front of me was an exact copy of me. Not a twin, but a counterfeit. I told my husband not to believe her and that it was not me! She and I were dressed the exact same with the same hairdo and all.  The only difference was the style of her conversation and how she carried herself.

I see this to be God revealing to me a double-mindedness, identity, or personality struggle that is ongoing within me right now. I’ve been saying for a while that I want to be all in for Jesus. The demonic torment and my responses make it hard for a steady walk with The Lord. I believe this is what needs to be addressed now in my deliverance process. Perhaps this is what’s holding me back and hindering me from breaking free. This is all new to me. Major learning process.

Also, I have been having some very noticeable trouble with focusing, memory or recall. These things have been accompanied by sudden headaches, major fatigue and sleepiness. I prayed against witchcraft this evening and found relief. Man, we are living in a very dark time spiritually…praise God, He is The Light!

So this is my deliverance progress note for tonight. I just want to encourage everyone to hold onto Jesus. In deliverance, just like everything else, you have better and worse days. It’s such an amazing learning process and faith-builder. Praise God for every breath in Jesus Name!


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