Personal Journey

Yoga and Demons in My Youth.

Man I don’t feel…other than sometimes I feel depression or sorrow but those times are very few and far between. My heart has hardened over time.

I keep trying to figure out what’s going on with my relationship with God (on my end). He is constantly delivering me lately from years of demonic oppression and the spirit spouse/sexual demons/familiar spirits that have been troubling me for so long as well. It really helps my faith to have such direct and instant encounters with God as I will cry out for deliverance and moments later I begin yawning or coughing and what not.

Sometimes I feel like I’m on a hamster wheel and I can’t get off. I have to keep going but there’s no real breakthrough. Even though I am having many manifestations, what’s really troubling me the most is not letting up. One of the Brothers in Christ said He heard The Holy Spirit say He wanted me to do a 3 day fast before a group deliverance, but I am waiting on God to confirm that to me for myself.  Just when I feel like I’m beginning to really get somewhere in my deliverance, the heavy stimulation starts up again with the lust demons, and I am a victim. Where is the victory? There must be sooo many demons in there!

Yoga really screwed things up for me. I still don’t understand all of it yet…

I just know after I began to mess with Yoga, my life took a turn for the worse and it led to full blown demon possession. I believe this is what psychiatry justified as my first full blown “manic episode.” I began to completely change in every way. I was once a very quiet, talented, nice church-going girl in school. Post Yoga, I began dressing differently, hanging out with new friends, becoming rebellious, hyper-sexual, and even bullying others. I took on a new identity and personality. These are not Bipolar symptoms. These were the results of the demons that had entered my body manifesting, thus changing my behavior and all else. I became *FULLY* possessed because I wasn’t really saved or born again yet. Now I am only *OPPRESSED* because I am born again. I am saved but my flesh is not.

It has to do with Chakras, the third eye, Hinduism, other stuff, and summoning demons..opening yourself up completely to them. Once again, I recommend checking out Sister Simona’s website for more info. Below are a couple of photos of me working on some art in high school. The themes/forms of artwork and my personality were radically changing… Not to mention my dad was a 32nd Degree Freemason. In Deliverance Ministry that’s a big deal or a significant thing. I have renounced all of that stuff. I began to dive into the occult early on in life. So much junk and spiritual baggage has brought me here. I praise GOD for exposing all of this! He is definitely educating me for a reason. I could never go back to the way I knew the world to be before all of this. I’m awake now to reality.


This is me and my dad before I began practicing Yoga in high school.

Image may contain: 2 people

Yeah. So…I will do more in depth posts on Yoga later on. Keeping this short.

I encourage you to do your homework before considering Yoga. SERIOUSLY!

You can help someone else be freed if you study for yourself. God bless! 🙂

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