Personal Journey

What I’m Learning…Update 7.24.17

New season of life. New challenges. The revelation of Truth. Deliverance ministry.

It’s been my experience that demons attack most late at night and when we are tired or ready to get some rest. My eyes will be heavy and then come the attacks. The fiery darts or little pinches, body twitches and all else. The sexual molestation and rape. Dreams have become nightmares. Since I am not fully delivered yet it’s not all gone of course.

I had no idea I could have so many demons within me. I’m 32 so…

I had no idea just how great the Grace of my God really is. When I am weak He is strong! There have been times when I have seen flashes of light and what looked like lightning and small lightning storms in my bedroom. I have seen shadow figures floating through my room. I have awakened in the morning to something touching me from behind. I have experienced demons speaking and yelling in my mind. What the world calls “schizophrenia” is actually demonic. They don’t want to give up their houses but they have to…you may have to deal with legal rights.

On the other side of things, I have learned about anointing with oil. Not only your bedroom or home and stuff, but people and pets. I have seen healing and miracles and I am a babe in all of this, I’m just starting out. I want to serve my God more than ever right now and share the love of Jesus everywhere! BUT, I first and foremost want to have a deep and intimate relationship with my Father, to really KNOW HIM. I want to KNOW JESUS. I want to be hit by The HOLY SPIRIT. I want MORE!!! I want to GROW in HIM!

I am learning Who He is. I thought I knew. There’s so much more… He is so beautiful! I am learning to trust Him… I need to look back on the many other times that He has saved and delivered me from some heavy and hopeless situations.

Oh yeah, there’s no such things as haunted houses or speaking to dead people and lost loved ones. Only angels and demons. Good and evil. Satan is a LIAR and deceiver.


Today I have noticed I am a lot stronger in the Spirit than I have been in months. I praise GOD for that and thank The Lord JESUS! He has done something new inside of me I see! I may still be experiencing some sexual molestation by the demons but It has been SOOOO MUCH EASIER and BEARABLE today in the flesh because of what MY FATHER HAS DONE IN ME, IN THE SPIRIT! Woohoo! Thank God for strengthening me and giving me a new will, mind, and emotions-the desire to seek Him and to please Him. I desire to really live out a true walk in Christ and no longer sin willingly, ignoring my doing so.

My God is faithful, and in all of the turmoil this year, my faith has been strengthened like I never thought it could be or would be. Amen.

Whatcha think?

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