Persecuted Christians in Pakistan

I am helping Brothers and Sisters in Pakistan by sharing this GoFundMe that we created. I pray God’s Will be done and that our Family in Christ there will be blessed and protected in JESUS’ Name 🙂

We need support for Persecuted Pakistani Christians in slum areas , rural, and urban. These funds will be used to encourage poorests to be faithful in Christ. He is true in His Holy promises to save us. We need funds urgently for poorest families who have no basic needs of life for daily uses. These Brothers & Sisters are being persecuted and discriminated against for their faith in Jesus Christ because of the political situation in the country.

Most of the persecuted Christians have left Pakistan because of discrimination. Right now those that remain can not leave the country because they have no money for tickets and to arrange visas. Most Christians are poorest , daily wagers, with low level jobs. Christian women are working for Muslim Land lords, so children are left in homes and they have no education.

Some of churches have been sold out in the hands of Muslim land lords. Pastors are seeking asylum in other places. We want to get them help because we have no funds.

Your support is a divine blessing for the broken , crushed, & persecuted to be able to give the message of Christ. He is living today, tomorrow and forever. Your offering , donations and support is real answers of prayers of the persecuted. Thank you so much for offering a helping hand to the needy, suffering and persecuted Christians in Pakistan.

Click below to help:


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