Personal Journey

The Remedy…

Most of this year I have been tormented by unclean spirits. Especially what is known as a familiar spirit or spirit husband, and Kundalini. Tonight I had a revelation. All of this time I have been spiritually sick for months now, but yet I have avoided my Great Physician. I have been broken down for so long and I have been waiting on my breakthrough for sometime now.

Tonight I realized that I need not focus on self-deliverance, deliverance sessions or deliverance prayers right now. I have dealt with all these and they have worked but I’ve been missing the mark. The TRUE answer to the ending of this torment and the beginning of my great healing is seeking The Face of my God alone in prayer. In all honesty, I have spent hours upon hours studying different types of demons and casting them out and so on but yet so very little time with Jesus. I have spent very little time in prayer. I have been what I call praying on the run 99% of the time instead of seeking Him in the prayer closet.

Papa has been waiting with open Arms from day one, but as always I have sought control in doing it all myself. I realize I have been doing it all in my own strength and walking in the flesh more than the Spirit. I long to have a stronger relationship with God and really be used by Him. My problem has always been that I have wanted to serve Him more than to KNOW HIM. Relationship is number 1!!! So, this morning I am going to my Father with empty hands and arms lifted. I surrender.

Jesus save me! I need Your Presence always! I want to learn more about You and learn who I am in Christ to replace the false identities the world has given me.

I love You LORD!

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