Personal Journey

Demonic Torment: The Struggle is Real…

Wilderness Update 7.10.17

Well, I’m still in tact. This has been one heck of a year. Lots of confusion, deception, and torment. I never would’ve imagined I’d be here now, but I am. I have always believed there was a kingdom of darkness, but I’d never experienced it. And certainly not on a daily basis for over 3 months…

All this stuff will make you question your sanity and test your limits. Once you find out the truth, once you experience this craziness, you will NEVER be the same and you can NEVER go back to the ignorance you blissfully used to enjoy! Knowledge is power yes, but it is also a weight on your soul.

Just when I thought I knew it all as I’d explored Bible prophecy in depth over the past 2 years, this comes up. I have been chastened by The Lord this year and rightfully so. I’m finding more and more out about His Character. What the enemy meant for harm because of my sin, God used to chasten me and to help bring about something far better than I could ever understand. By the way, the wages of sin truly is death…

So in 2017 I’ve learned about this thing called Deliverance. I’d say over 90% of you have never ever heard about it within the four walls of a church building. Over time the truth has dissolved in the pulpit. Preachers and teachers have NOT been teaching the full Gospel. Jesus said that those signs would follow them that believe. NOT follow those that believe until after apostle Paul was done or whatever point in the future. That is a lie from the pits of hell. Satan has truly crept into the churches! Hence the 7 letters to the churches in Revelation!

Casting out demons is real. I used to think deliverance ministries were fake because of tv preachers like Benny Hinn knocking people over and stuff. I was wrong. Once you’ve experienced something and you’ve lived it for yourself, it changes everything and you then believe. A true hands on experience is not at all like watching something on TV or reading an article about it. Also, if any of you decide to pursue deliverance ministry or just talk about it to help people out, you will notice a lot of your actual Christian friends ready to pounce in disagreement with their arguments like “Light and darkness cannot dwell together.” What they don’t get is what I didn’t get before. Jesus saved our soul/spirit on The Cross, not our body parts or our mind. Christians CAN and DO have demons! Mine just happened to be exposed as a result of willingly sinning in my life earlier in the year. What a rude awakening it was!

Have you ever experienced the feelings of someone running their fingers through your hair when nobody was there? Sharp pains and pinches that feel like bites… sexual harassment and molestation from unseen forces…and whatever else. Insane. But real. However, there is freedom from all this, praise GOD!!! EVERY demon is subject to the Name of Jesus Christ and trembles at His Name just like The Bible says. However, you will run into what are called “legal rights.” These are things in your life whether they be feelings like unforgiveness or pride that give the demons the legal right to stay attached to you and your life. Of course there are also legal rights in the form of objects connected to things like the occult or ungodly relationships and so on. Deliverance involves cleaning out your insides and life, but also your house!

I need prayer. The demonic attack I’ve been under for months now makes it impossible to have a solid relationship with God and to operate the way I would like to everyday in The Lord. Right now I am living in a state of double-mindedness because these attacks are insane. I’m going to try and fast against this thing because nothing else has ever worked. There is a dramatic war for me from the kingdom of darkness. To say that the devil doesn’t let go easy from things like this is an understatement…I know if I wasn’t being harassed 24/7 it would be a lot easier…

Whatcha think?

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