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The significance of blood covenants

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Significance of blood in spiritual covenants

blood covenantCovenants have the power of gathering, protecting and blessing people in all circumstances of life. On the other hand, any assault against the principle of covenant disperses people and drives them away from the environment where God intended them to be raised and protected. Situations of blessings and curses are intimately tied to the principle of covenant. Consider the following important points concerning this subject:

1. Spiritual covenants are initiated through the shedding of blood.

“Therefore not even the first covenant was dedicated without blood.” (Hebrews 9:18).

We cannot even begin to speak of covenant without speaking about altars, the places of sacrifice. Therefore, we cannot speak of spiritual covenants without speaking of blood. Every spiritual covenant is enacted through the shedding of blood. A covenant is greater than a partnership. The difference between covenants and partnerships is that covenants involve blood thus the…

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