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Trump and The Church Dream

This morning I saw this image on and it prompted me to share this..


On  April 15, 2017 I had a dream that Trump had left The White House and left me in charge. I sat at His desk in what actually appeared to be the back of a church! People were singing hymns in many rows of pews all through the building in front of Trump’s desk. There was a special area or section where a Sister in Christ led the children separately in singing on the right side of the building. We were all watching a TV preacher whose face was like a HOG instead of a human being.

President Trump called me and told me to get an ink pen to jot some things down, but  I quickly went through ALL the ink pens on his desk (and there were not very many, maybe a handful) and they did NOT work or could barely write! He was giving me orders and I was unequipped to write them down as he wanted. One of the broken pens was the kind that had different colors to write in if you pushed down on the color you wanted of the top sides. I reached for that one first.

In another quick scene I saw that Wynonna Judd was performing a couple songs before she had to go to her hometown city. I sought the Lord on this because of it seeming so irrelavant and how it didn’t relate to the rest of the dream, but then The Holy Spirit prompted me to look up the meaning of the name Wynonna. So I did.

The Origin of Wynonna: Sioux Indian.  The Meaning of Wynonna: “first-born daughter.”   At first I thought that maybe this has something to do with Ivanka, Trump’s daughter? Then it came to me that maybe the name Wynonna has to do with The Church or Bride of Christ because we are soon to return to our hometown (HEAVEN) and we are finishing up our last assignments before going Home!

Then in the dream I saw this woman who had ants or small bugs crawling up and down her neck and head. I asked my mother for some lense cleaner to kill the bugs. Then I was worried that I may have gotten some bugs from being in Trump’s seat and at his desk! This shocked me!

In the latter part of this dream, I was driving a really big car like they don’t make anymore. Very long. I was speeding to get around other cars. It felt like I may have hit a couple bumpers or rubbed some tires as I rushed out of a line of traffic. Then it was a high speed chase. I just knew I was in trouble now! But somehow I quickly darted into a tiny parking spot on the side of the road and escaped the police as they went on chasing 2 other guys down the road.

In conclusion, Some food for thought:

The name of the city Lexington which is in my home state of Kentucky appeared twice in this dream. I was led to look up the meaning of Lexington.

According to Lexington means “Town Of The New Law”

According to, Lexington is also A residential town north-west of Boston, Massachusetts; population 30,272 (est. 2008). It was the scene in 1775 of the first battle fought in the War of American Independence.

Interesting enough, the article I awoke to today on May 7, 2017 about President Trump is titled

Some pastors praise Trump order, others worry over integrity

Much church talk and a dream of Trump’s office in a Church.. Hmm!

God bless. Take this to The Lord as we are living in the age of deception. Amen.

Joel 2:28-29 (KJV)

28 And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:

29 And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit.

1 thought on “Trump and The Church Dream”

  1. I think you are probably a very nice person, but you ate some pizza or chocolate before you went to bed. I, personally, don’t see this as a prophetic dream. Maybe if you could explain what you think it means, kind of connect the dots for me. Thanks!

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