Personal Journey

Morning Dream 2.20.2017

Morning Dream: I was standing in a darkened bedroom across from a beautiful blonde haired woman who was dressed for a formal event with her hair fixed special in curls as well. She was leaning up against a fancy wooden, furniture fireplace. There was this black, iron Champagne glass on the fireplace. She was going to pick it up and drink from it. I confronted her.
There was a disabled man in the bed behind me asleep. I don’t remember exactly what I said but it was like to the effect that she had rose up in class and society and was going to take advantage of this disabled man.

Scene change: I saw several images flashing before my eyes. Like bam! bam! in a movie trailer preview. The only 2 images I remember are the 1. silver wedding band on a table or hard surface. 2. An aerial view of The Whitehouse where it was no longer painted white but with a giant American Flag over it, or maybe draped over it?

Upon awakening, God led me to Lamentations Chapter 1:1-2

Lamentations 1:1-2 (KJV)

1 How doth the city sit solitary, that was full of people! how is she become as a widow! she that was great among the nations, and princess among the provinces, how is she become tributary!

2 She weepeth sore in the night, and her tears are on her cheeks: among all her lovers she hath none to comfort her: all her friends have dealt treacherously with her, they are become her enemies.


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