Personal Journey

Lose friends or lose your Head.

STOCK UP ON WATER, canned food & supplies if you DO NOT KNOW JESUS, because the 7 year Tribulation is about to begin. Along with that, pray that you will survive because many will perish. Nuclear war, greatest earthquakes ever, utter devastation. Mass chaos. Mark of The Beast. Antichrist world leader. False Prophet. Read Revelation 13. Choose Jesus now and lose friends. Choose Jesus after the Rapture when you are left behind and you will lose your HEAD. Christians are about to be persecuted WORLD WIDE. Public Enemy #1 like NEVER before! Firearms won’t save you either. The military have way more weapons than you have. TAKE HEED NOW! The Lord has spoken, The Bible is playing out before your eyes but most do NOT see it! Give Jesus a change RIGHT NOW! This is MOST URGENT! Cry out, ask Him if He is real. Be sincere. Whatever it takes. Ask Him into your heart, confess you are a sinner and that you believe He died for your sins on The Cross, arose 3 days later. That He is THE SON OF GOD! Before man confess. You can’t be ashamed of Him. Romans 10:3 ” For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”


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