Personal Journey

Dream 1.28.2017

I sat down in this little hair booth to get my hair colored by a hair stylist in a store someplace. I wanted to get all of the gray colored so that all my hair would be very dark brown all over. I knew I didn’t have enough money so I asked him if he thought one bottle of color would do it, knowing that I always need 2 applications any time I color my hair because it’s so thick.

  • Maybe this is like me just trying to get by in this world when God has better plans for me.

I was in a house with all of these people I did not know. Everyone was going to go have some family fun on the bank of a river or something like summer fun with fishing etc. However, by the time everyone got over there, the entire area had become winter with a snow covering and all. It was then impossible to fulfill all the plans that they made.

  • Deception today has people blinded to reality. People are busy making plans that will never happen and they are misled by the world and the main stream news.

I was in another house with mom where a bunch of people were coming to stay with us. I gathered all of mom’s dearest products like her favorite hair combs and toiletries out of cabinets and I put them in a little bag before the company could maybe get into any of our stuff.

  • Be separate from the world?


1 John 3:20  (KJV)

For if our heart condemn us, God is greater than our heart, and knoweth all things.


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