Personal Journey

Part 3. Dreams from The Holy Spirit. Last Days Outpouring.

MORE Dreams that I believe are from The Lord. Glory to His Name!


I hung up a bunch of my old clothes and high school formal dance dresses on a car port under a roof. People were coming to my yard sale. I was shocked they bought anything.

My interpretation? Perhaps this relates to us putting away the old man as we are made new with Jesus. Maybe the people buying at the yard sale are people who were blessed by my testimony and for what all God has done for me and saved me from in The Name of Jesus.

Scene 2:  I was in a large house with this back room. It had a huge window in the front. We kept seeing this huge aircraft flying around in the sky. It would fly fast and within a couple feet of the glass wall. Quickly a crowd began to gather in the room. I thought to myself at what a great witnessing chance it could be, but I didn’t have the little pocket Bibles to give out. So I didn’t end up witnessing.

Last scene: Just before waking up, this man, maybe a preacher from YouTube was giving a talk about how his dad had hired this group to come and perform “God Blessed The Broken Road,” but they didn’t get to come or had to cancel. His dad was upset.


I saw my 3rd Grade teacher Mrs. Stapleton.

I heard Obama had elected an official  who was not a U.S. Citizen.

I saw a car belonging to The Freemasons and its back wheel said “Joel.”

I saw my former best friend of about 20 years. She is lost now and living in legal union with another woman. She had these BIG earrings that were the color of her flesh. Originally they had her partner’s face with a black background on them, but they were painted over. My interpretation here is that just maybe as my prayers are being heard she will stop listening to the lies of the enemy in the form of that woman, and leave that lie for the Truth. Hallelujah! Our God Is Mighty to save!!!

The next scene I saw a creature that was 1/2 frog and 1/2 snail.

Finally, I saw that my mom had a Zip-loc bag of old, chewed gum.


A Sister named Christine was going through a divorce and had to divide the 8 kids she had with her husband so they each got 4 kids. A Brother was trying to comfort her.


The power was out and the only light we had was from these  2 little cards my husband had in our little house. They barely put off  any light. Just enough to get in the bed or get around.  My interpretation? Faith.  “A bruised reed shall he not break, and smoking flax shall he not quench, till he send forth judgment unto victory.” Matthew 12:20.


I was going to college again. Mom went with me. I saw us walking along the street, then we were outside a classroom. There were so many students in the rooms and in the hallway.  It was packed. In another part, all these people were having a party in my house when I got home. There was a row of locks of dark hair all along one wall. Almost like dark wigs laying there.

That’s all for right now. Maybe MORE dreams later. God bless!


2 thoughts on “Part 3. Dreams from The Holy Spirit. Last Days Outpouring.”

  1. Kool dreams 🙂 Hey yo one time I Prayed with all my heart to God and asked “What is Truth?” And the greatest Lie of the whole Earth came into my dreams of a man telling future events which came to pass and was weird like a Deja Vu. This happened twice so now I’m into dreams and am at the book store looking through books on dreams and this one book when I saw the picture of the guy on the cover I flipped out and all most had a heart attack for the person on the cover is the same guy in my dreams. This guy is called the Dream Master and his name is Harold Klemp. This religion teaches that flowing from God is His Voice and the sound of Gods Voice is HU. This is the great lie. Gods Voice is a AH aqua water sound with a long distance sound effect. I can go on for hours but I will end by saying HU is 666 the Mark. They will make us worship HU. HU Is lost word of the free Masons and represents the Owl they Worship at Bohemian Groove. The Owl makes the HU sound and is symbol for knowledge. So I asked God what is truth and He sent the lie so I can clearly see the Truth. The Truth is AH Jesus Christ the Great Amen (AH) the beginning of the creation of God. AHCHOOO may God Bless you. Gods Name is YAHU a Dual Name

    On Sun, Jan 22, 2017 at 6:41 PM, Where Madness & Truth Collide. wrote:

    > MoodyMandy posted: “MORE Dreams that I believe are from The Lord. Glory to > His Name! 9/11/2016 I hung up a bunch of my old clothes and high school > formal dance dresses on a car port under a roof. People were coming to my > yard sale. I was shocked they bought anything. My i” >

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