Personal Journey

Part 2. Dreams from The Holy Spirit. Last Days Outpouring.

MORE Dreams that I believe are from The Lord. Glory to His Name!


I was standing around chatting with these people when all of a sudden (in my neighborhood) there appeared TONS of tiny planes everywhere or nukes in the air.  I knew they would surely destroy us if we moved…

Evening dream

In one scene I saw through my eyes. I saw my hand reaching out to lock this door. I found it unlocked, it was a wooden door and the way it was locked was by raising up this chain or string that held the silver latch-hook, and then putting it in its place on the back of the door. Securely locking it. I found the unlocked door in the dark house, but the outside was daylight, not too bright, but I could see the green grass. The door was wooden, not very strong and more inviting than steal doors etc…

My interpretation? Maybe because I was in the dark and I could see the light through the cracks and it was open  and not locked-there’s hope in the trials if we just reach out for the open door. The part where I was locking the door might mean the rejecting of this hope or doubt. Also, I was shutting out the outside world, becoming secluded.


Ellen DeGeneres was giving a boat ride and me and a cousin of mine were going to go. I had enough money. It cost $21.00. It was a yucky ride. Water came over into the ship. A boy from high school was driving. Then I was back in a very small classroom of about 6 students. My cousin, and a few high school friends were there. I did not like the teacher. I saw me telling my mom later that I was going to miss for a week.

My interpretation? Maybe Daniel’s 70th week? The 7 year Tribulation.

In another scene, while I was waiting on my husband at a gas station I stood before this huge, long magazine shelf type of wall that was holding scratch offs. I just stared at them all, staring into them (Temptation maybe? Jesus saved me from a gambling addiction).


Upon waking I heard “He was wounded for our transgressions.” That’s from Isaiah 35:5 “But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.

Dream: Going up a steep and winding mountain with my mom in an irritable, bad mood. Things in my life weren’t going the way I wanted. Mom was driving. I saw my Brother-n-law  and a car with bright headlights. My interpretation: The trip with mom is like my Christian journey on earth. Maybe seeing my Brother-n-law and bright headlights represents the hope of our lost loved ones coming to Christ.


(I went to bed angry at my husband that morning) So strange. I drempt he and I were at a Church service before it began. He looked very handsome. He was wearing a white button up shirt with a black pin-stripe vest and black pants. I had a white blouse on with a black pinstripe vest on with a black skirt. I was much smaller, healthier and happy.


I just got this big, important job working as a radio host for some huge event, like an awards show over the mic, but I began losing my voice and eventually could not even whisper. I said in the dream “I guess God doesn’t want want me doing this.” It was very uncomfortable because the show already began and being unable to talk, I panicked.

I saw my uncle Charles (who passed away in 2013) playing this musical instrument that just looked like a large opened book with music notes all over it. He ran his fingers across the notes and made such beautiful music or a song. I understood that he was giving it away. I admired it.

In another scene, I was in the hospital taking a breathing treatment when I had to take the mask off because I got a phone call from a cousin of mine who asked me if my aunt knew she was in the hospital. Turns out Pastor Charles Lawson and his brother were at that hospital. My cousin had turned them in there at the hospital because he said something wrong.

My interpretation: the hospital may be The Church since the lost world needs healing and the preacher & brother were in trouble there. Perhaps persecution and end times family relations.


Flash vision: I saw Pope Francis in a bright area in a fancy building, maybe The Vatican? He was walking around with a big grin on his face as he was pleased that things were finally falling apart…


My mom had a dream:  My husband (not in real life, a stranger) and I were sitting in the living room, then I was standing in a long wedding dress with a long train and mom told me I could not go to the movies in my wedding dress. I was going to go to the movies because I was bored. She wanted to come too but I acted like I didn’t want her to.

My interpretation: As The Bride of Christ, we should seek Jesus for our joy in this world. There’s no time for messing back in the world again and getting our wedding garments dirty.


I was in my bedroom as I had it when I was younger. I was getting ready for a formal event or ball and my main color was a light emerald green. I was healthy and had a slim figure as well. My dress was beautiful. I saw myself getting ready in the mirror, just finishing it all up with my hair. I saw myself looking through some hair accessories. I picked up a headband that glittered but put it back down. Then I reached for an emerald green and silver tiara in the form of the one I wore on my wedding day.

A dear family member had a necklace on of black shade sunglasses with white frames. We were hugging and I told  her she looked beautiful even without them on or something.

A Brother-n-law left a couple of voice mails on my phone saying he wanted to come stay 5 nights with my husband, but I forgot about the voicemail.

I was walking down a sidewalk  that in real life runs by a local church. I saw other women walking around me for exercise too. Then I saw something amazing happening in the sky! I saw an angel form out of what first looked like the shape of an angel in the clouds! I yelled at the other women and pointed it all out. Next thing I know I am up in the sky going around, seeing angels that were all white. Then I saw Jesus. This was a rapture dream. I have only had 2 other rapture dreams in my life!

Also, at the same time there was the local carnival that happens every year going on. I understood they were having it 2 times a year now.

I was in a fancy building with all sorts of people who were dressed in formal attire. It was President Obama’s Birthday. People were standing facing different directions, North, South, East and West. I did not know which way to face and was uncomfortable.

There was a bucket of toys from The Dollar Store that were under 10 Dollars and we were getting them out one by one. When Obama came toward me I bowed down before him to his waist area. I could not believe I was doing that and I knew it was wrong. I told him he didn’t have to take one of those toys (because of who he was) but he was okay with it. The toy was a small stuffed, black dice.


My husband’s dream: He dreamed of an address where his birthday card was sent to by accident. His birthday card was purple.

My interpretation: My husband isn’t a Christian. Maybe this is him being born again into Royalty or The Family of God through Jesus Christ! Though it took a while to get his card, he did get it. This is so encouraging to me! How Great is our God!!!


I was sleeping during the actual Trump Inauguration and also dreaming about him. I dreamed Trump won the election for The Blue Party and gave thanks in English & Spanish.

The next scene: I saw my neighbor sitting on his front porch when all of a sudden he heard his youngest daughter Anna throwing a fit behind the garage. In real life they have a swimming pool and did so in the dream as well. Anna was yelling outback “I’d rather have a full garden!” There were all kinds of young people, teens or college aged people running around and having fun. It was a pool party.

My interpretation of scene 2:

“Anna” is also the name of a prophetess in the Bible who was very dedicated to The Lord. She spake of God to all who looked for redemption in Jerusalem. The pool represents a place of spiritual refreshing; a place of God’s Spirit; immersed in God. The garden symbolizes a person’s heart; love;intimacy; growth. Anna was going on about how she would rather have a FULL GARDEN. I believe this pertains to the harvest of souls. It is up to us to reach out to a lost and dying world and share the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. This should matter more than anything. The young people were all mixing around in the water. The Holy Spirit. Conversion, Salvation in Jesus!


A very dear woman I know had a pet snake. I understood it to be a male. It was a long, very dark deep aqua blue color. It didn’t appear to have scales, but instead a rubber smooth look of skin. She had given it a name which I don’t remember, but I do recall it was too nice and odd for a snake. She was sitting on the loveseat with it in her lap and it licked her on the arm. Not in the sense of how we would think, but like that it was a dear pet like a puppy or something. Somehow the topic of the rapture came up.

MORE DREAMS coming soon! God bless you in Jesus’ Mighty Name!


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