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BREAKING! National Guard Attacking Unarmed Americans 2017


This ain’t on CNN!

2 thoughts on “BREAKING! National Guard Attacking Unarmed Americans 2017”

  1. The drawing of the girl above is she single? Shes Cuuute. So 1 year ago my family said don’t watch Fox News cause they lie. For 6 months I went back and forth between Fox and CNN. Today I cant stand to watch CNN not even for 2 minutes. They incite violence, They lie and I hope there ratings are so bad they go out of business. I was a Democrat 1 year ago but I am awake and voted Trump…

    1. Hey Brother Wyatt, I hope you are doing well tonight. I don’t like CNN either or any type of state run mainstream media. I love the alternative stuff on YouTube or you could say, The Truth lol. The Lord has shown me so much since He woke me up and wooed me back to Him a couple years ago. If you are talking about me being that girl, I am married Brother, but thank you for the kind words. We have 3 Chihuahuas and a Parakeet hehe. I believe we are so close to the Rapture! I agree with what you said about the coming days here. Eyes on the skies Amen! God bless and have a wonderful night!

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