Personal Journey

Morning Dream 12.17.2016

I laid back down this morning after waking up early and had a very vivid dream that I believe was from the Lord.

In the dream there was a scene where I was in an unfamiliar house but with my family, even my grandma who in reality lives 3 miles away.  I was on the phone with my Brother in Christ, CeCe, (when as I was supposed to be doing my makeup and hair) in the guest bathroom and I told him that I even felt like a guest. I was laughing. Later I saw my sister in the flesh doing her hair and makeup in the same bathroom all smiles.

In another scene, I saw this beautiful young woman in our front yard and she was dressed very unusual. She was wearing a dress like this one only cream or tan colored:


There was another beautiful young woman who had a wreath of pretty flowers in her hair.  More people dressed like this, men and women, came from out of the middle of the forest. I found myself looking at the back of some packet of information and it turns out that this group had skill training to do. There were jobs or activities with a country written beside the individual activities. For example,  “wood cutting- Germany.” I thought to myself, I cannot join this group because I am not physically able for these things.

In another scene, I heard a great noise like helicopters hovering over my house so I went outside. I looked up into the sky and flying low were many aircraft, including a large Blimp that looked kind of like a hot air balloon that had a huge CNN logo on it (red letters just like on the news).

This is the third day/night in a row where I have dreamed of things in the sky above my house.

  1. Three nights ago I dreamed of a giant, black monster creature in the western sky and something was going on up there. I was scared and wanted to go inside but I just had to see it.
  2. The next night I dreamed of a sign in the heavens, like a circle drawn around the moon in a bright line like the twinkle of a star. It was a sign that the rapture was about to take place.
  3. I just explained the sky in this morning’s dream.

Some final info: There was a hamster that I had in my hand which kept biting my fingers and it hurt really bad. I had to throw him out my back door (which in real life I would never throw an animal out my back door).


My interpretation is that the end of all things is at hand. War is about to break out in America and the Bride of Christ will be going to Heaven with Jesus to be hidden during the 7 year Tribulation.


Whatcha think?

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