Personal Journey

A Christian in the Home Stretch…

This is for all the beat up Christians. The worn out, weary Soldiers of God. Your families are falling apart. Relationships are collapsing. You never thought you’d find yourself here. Your latest, most frequently used word may be “Why?” That old vice of yours comes softly knocking. Send Jesus to the door instead.

Remember this is what’s worth fighting for! What most people don’t get anyway is that we are living in a spirit world. Hence the fighting of spiritual battles…for those who go against the grain in Satan’s fallen world.

Maybe you thought the home stretch would be smooth sailing and here we are…

(Via Merriam-Webster)

Definition of homestretch

  1. 1 :  the part of a racecourse between the last turn and the winning post

  2. 2 :  a final stage

You know, last night I was praying to God about all that is going on right now and about my personal struggles as a human being. I received amazing Holy Spirit revelation on a particular matter.  All of my life since about the age of 7, I have been dealing with gaining weight and the many roller coasters of trying to get it back off. I developed Bulimia in my teen years but by The Power of The Spirit of GOD ALMIGHTY I found recovery! You can read my eating disorder and recovery story HERE.

So last night in prayer, the revelation was that my carrying around of all this excess weight is an ongoing physical manifestation of a spiritual (and mental) problem. So I need a spiritual solution.

Negligence. I am self-medicating in turning to food for relief and comfort instead of turning to God. Yes, I now have an actual relationship with Him through Jesus Christ, but there must be something or some things that I am not surrendering. I’m not surrendering myself to my Master completely. If I turned to God for help in times of distress instead of food, there would be no side effects. This Bible verse came to mind right then last night:

Image result for Hebrews 12:1 kjv

Ironically in my life, one of those weights is my weight! It does hinder me in many ways. This is definitely something I am jumping in to explore right now. God clearly wants our bodies to be healthy and we know that sickness and disease is not of Him. The enemy knows our struggles and weaknesses.

I believe if I simply work on taking better care of my health right now until Jesus calls me Home or until He comes back for His Bride, I will live a far better life.  I could serve The Lord better, physically fit and confident in witnessing and in Church attendance. I will have more energy and great opportunities await. ALL FOR THE GLORY OF GOD! THANK YOU JESUS!

I prayed over myself before going to sleep that all of the strongholds, hindrances and chains be broken over me and my life in The Mighty Name of Jesus! I prayed in faith believing!  These chains are broken in Jesus’ Mighty Name! Thank YOU LORD! My body is God’s Holy Temple so I know HE will lead me into all of this and I will come out better than ever, or die or be raptured in the process!

So let us remain constantly in prayer in the final moments of the Age of Grace just before our Lord’s return. Be encouraged Christian Soldier. No matter how great the mountain before you, remember your GOD goes before you and will fight for you!!!


Romans 8:37  King James Version (KJV)

37 Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.


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