Personal Journey

Dark Time.

This is the most difficult place I have ever been in my walk with Christ. I have been through darker times, but the opposition of spiritual warfare I face daily is just so taxing.  Three days ago I was up on the mountain but today I’m clawing my way out of the pit, reaching up to The Master. The trickery of the demonic world is at an all time high in my opinion. Things are not what they seem. The world is deceived and even Believers in Christ are falling for the lie as well that America  can be great again. After 8 years of “CHANGE,” America is looking for a savior. Don’t be caught up in this election mess, Church! Not everything is what it seems. All of this can lead you into looking back into the things of this world. Yes, we live in the world but are not of the world. Our focus should be on things unseen that are eternal and not seen which are temporal. Putting so much stock in the next President isn’t a good idea.  Yes, only one candidate was pro-life, traditional marriage, and pro-Israel, but is that enough?

Will America cease to perform the tons of abortions that go on every year and end the rights for marriages that aren’t Biblical?  Will this country make bathrooms safe for children again, taking out the gender-fluidity agenda? Is the government going to do away with the Satanist agenda that has sprung up in the nation that is under God? We still say God bless, right? What about the Baphomet statues, satanic temples, and after school programs for children by the Satanists? Their coloring books and other tactics? Will The new President stop them from their “Hail Satan” and what they’ve been doing in Government buildings or on Government property during official meetings?

Look at your streets, America.  There are protests going on in multiple major cities right now. Paid for by George Soros with purpose for the New World Order…divide and conquer, and order out of chaos. This civil unrest is growing. United we stand, divided we fall?  It will get worse and Martial law will be declared at some point. Let’s see what this week brings…

Being discouraged and spiritually beat up is inevitable. It happens. Just remember to keep planting seeds. We may not see any fruit at all in this world, but it is GOD that does the watering.  Anyways, don’t lose sight of your purpose, Child of God. Keep witnessing and serving in your Calling from The Most High. Do not fall for the tactics of the enemy for there are spirits of division, offense and deception taking over this once great land. Guard your heart. We must be in constant contact with our Commander in Chief, Father God, as we having done all stand…in this dark, dark world. Don’t stop praying. The devil wants us to get so beat up and worn out that we just don’t seek God and pray in the prayer closet. The technology and countless distractions do not help. But let us pray for one another.

God bless you, precious one. In Jesus’ Mighty Name, Amen!  †



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